Motivational Feedback Day online and international

Motivational Feedback Day – for the first time online and in an international format! In December, our very first international Motivational Feedback Day with DKV Euroservice took place. The team we worked with came from all around Europe: Germany (Ruhr area), Hungary, Romania, Russia and Poland. Appropriately, the backgrounds on Zoom portrayed Romanian winter landscapes, a night skyline of Moscow as well as the Zollverein coal mine in Germany. 

International atmosphere 

As usual, the MFD started without the team’s manager (you can find out more about our MFD process here). Well, almost… the manager showed up briefly to greet the group and looked like he would have preferred to stay! 😉 The atmosphere was relaxed and easy-going from the very beginning which is always a great way to start. Despite the fact that everyone was in a different location, far away from each other, the team members seemed to know each other well and they also saw each other regularly in person before everything went remote because of COVID.  

In terms of virtual collaboration, the team was already very skilled, and they knew the right tools for their company and how to use them. Nevertheless, exchanges in the entire team about topics that go beyond daily business had become rare. The joy about this opportunity to connect and give feedback was therefore great. Especially in permanent home office situations, as many teams experience it nowadays, it can be of high significance to communicate with your team members and give feedback about their work. It also demonstrates an open and cooperative corporate culture in an organization. 

Discovering team building and motivators 

Important questions about leadership and individual performance as well as collective motivators within the team were worked out constructively. Parts of it with everyone and other parts were discussed in breakout rooms. Strength and weaknesses in the team and also challenges in the company were highlighted – without any skepticism or reservations because of the online format. Participation and activity levels were consistently high which is very important in this format. The MFD thrives on feedback, input and interaction from all participants which was given at all times as they team told us afterwards: 


I liked the atmosphere itself. The format was held in an easy going and relaxed mood.” 

“The MFD gathered us together for a significant amount of time and everyone from the team had the opportunity to express and share their opinion about important topics and received individual feedback. In our daily business we usually don’t have time for this.” 

“Friendly exchange of feedback and ideas.” 


Internationaler und virtueller MFD wird über Zoom gehalten.

By working together on the content and creating new ideas, perspectives and goals, it became clear to us how much creativity and commitment as well as strength and enthusiasm was present in this team. 

Feedback and roadmap 

On the second day, when the manager discussed their feedback with each team member, everyone was excited to see what kind of response and answers they would get. Our role as facilitators focused on supporting the team and the executive to condense the topics and to be able to set up a roadmap. The results were impressive, with almost 25 slides of feedback that came together.  

“The first day was quite funny, both days were interesting. On the second day, with our manager, I appreciated the moderation especially when questions were asked directly towards the team. Thank you!”   

Corporate culture and team building 

Once again, the workshop gave them the chance to focus completely on themselves as a team, to get to know each other better once again, to clearly work out their own motivators and to communicate openly. It made clear what a great team they are! Joy and laughter never came up short. You could feel how the participants felt comfortable in the virtual atmosphere, made jokes and sometimes even annoyed each other with inside jokesThis MFD was definitely a natural, authentic and sustainable teambuilding workshop.  


In the end, we would like to thank this team, for our very first and unforgettable international Motivational Feedback Day. Thank you for the trust and the amazing cooperation! It was a great pleasure to work with them and we are very happy about their positive feedback: 


“I really liked the way the MFD was structured and that we were able to openly communicate our feedback.” 

“I liked how funny it was.” 



Would you also like to conduct a special workshop for your team? With feedback on your leadership style, input from the team, motivation and team building? Especially now, in this difficult permanent home office time? 

Feel free to contact us at about the Motivational Feedback Day online.

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